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Nikita Hines, Nikita Hines Enterprises

Luxury Virtual Assistance

Hello Pretties,

Every Quarter, we at Pretty Smart Chics, like to introduce to you unapologetically brilliant beautiful black women. We choose women who are making a difference within their community and are comfortable with being a positive representation for other women.

Meet our Pretty Behind the Brand in our latest issue, Nikita Hines

Nikita Hines of Nikita Hines Enterprises


JLH: What advice do you have for other black women entrepreneurs?

NH: Don't give up! You are good enough! You are what your audience needs!

JLH: Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey. What have you learned along the way, and how has it transformed your life?

NH: I have learned on my entrepreneurship journey that you have to have faith, not just any kind of faith, but a whole lot of crazy faith. I may have an idea/vision for something, and someone might look at me with doubt, but I had to learn my vision isn't for everyone. I had to surrender to the Lord and let Him direct my path and get out of my own way. When I decided to leave my salaried job, it took CRAZY FAITH. When I decided to increase my prices to 4 figures, not knowing if I'd ever get paid, that took CRAZY FAITH; but having that faith along with a lot of prayers has truly transformed my perspective on a lot of things.

JLH: Why is wealth-building important in the African American community?

NH: I think wealth building in the African American community is essential. We didn't get a lot of these opportunities to build wealth in the past. We are often looked at as a product of the government system; but things are changing for our community, and I absolutely LOVE it. We have so many opportunities now. We can build wealth not just for ourselves but for generations to come. It's important for us to build a legacy, to show the world that you will not stop our growth. We are black AND wealthy!

JLH: Share your secret for success.

NH: As I have said many times and will continue to say, my secret for success is allowing God to be the head of my life, be the foundation, and be in the midst of everything I do and every decision that I make - along with that, being organized. Many don't really see the significance in that, but I'm here to tell you all that organizing my life + biz really brought me true success.

JLH: How can we follow you on social media?

NH: My Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok handles are @nhinesenterprises.

Twitter: @CoachNik_LVS, and Pinterest: @luxuryvirtualsolutions

Learn more about Nikita in our current issue

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