Meet Valaurie B. Lee: The Chic Who Bought The Block!

Black female entrepreneur
Valaurie B Lee-CEO VB Consulting

Since gracing the pages of our inaugural issue of Pretty Smart Chics, our staff has referred to Valaurie Lee as the Chic who bought the block! Yes, folks, Valaurie owns a boutique property in College Park, Georgia. People often overlook Valaurie's dedication to her spiritual and physical wellbeing which is the key to her professional success. Let's learn more about Valaurie!

OD: What advice do you have for other black women entrepreneurs?

VBL: I have so much advice; but what I encourage all young entrepreneurs to do, especially women of color, is to make sure you have your business in order. What I mean by that is to stay on top of your finances and your credit. There are so many funding sources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, but your finances need to be healthy to access it. I am blessed to have successfully scaled my business because of the strength of my finances. I have accessed capital at competitive rates because I've always ensured that my accounts are on point! As small business owners, we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of every opportunity out there.

OD: What has been the most difficult challenge you've overcame as a black female entrepreneur in IT?

VBL: The most difficult challenge I've faced--aside from actually starting my business--is fighting for its survival during the pandemic. We've experienced so much adversity and challenge under COVID, and it has been taxing personally and professionally. Our revenue drop, my staff lost family and friends, and I personally struggled with health issues while managing several businesses.

OD: How has your spiritual journey affected your professional growth?

VBL: I would say that my spiritual journey is responsible for my professional growth. I would not be where I am were it not for my relationship with God. All that I am and all that I do is because of Him. Without His guidance, favor, and love, I simply would not have what I have or be able to do what I do.


OD: Amen to that! What is your vision for the Wellness Spot?

VBL: My vision for TWS is so simple, and the name says it all--it is a place for people to be well. I want it to be a place for people to rest, relax, and restore themselves by practicing self-care. We offer an impressive array of fitness classes and spa services to clientele who want a place to call their own.

OD: Why was it important to create “The Basement” for budding entrepreneurs?

VBL: Offering entrepreneurs the space they need to create is essential. So many businesses end prematurely due to a lack of resources and opportunities. The Basement, PopShopolis, is my way of supporting entrepreneurs by providing a low-cost venue for them to host popup shops that offer the exposure they need to grow their business.

OD: What makes you a Pretty Smart Chic?

VBL: I'm a Pretty Smart Chic because I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn. Before I returned to school to get my Ph.D., I invested in taking classes to keep me sharp. When not taking classes, I was attending conferences to build my network and skills. In between attending conferences, I read anything that gave me a competitive edge. My advice to others is to never stop learning. When you do, you stop growing.


OD: I agree with that last statement wholeheartedly. How do you balance your spiritual, professional, and personal life?

VBL: I'll be honest with you; it's a challenge. I am so driven and ambitious that balance is often elusive. What I can say, I make time for prayer often, and it keeps me grounded. I pray with my daughters, close friends, and church members to maintain a close connection with God. More than anything, prayer keeps me focused on things that are important to me. It is the driving force behind me.

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