My prayer is as your read Push Through Boo: A 7-day devotional for Pretties Who Need To Persevere that you laugh, cry, and feel inspired by my words. The scriptures that I have chosen are the ones that have transformed my life. 


I wrote this devotional for people who decided, as I have, to embrace themselves, flaws and all, people who have an unquestionable desire to stop trying to be perfect and learn to just be. Be yourself, Be Beautiful, Be Purposeful, and Be Joyful. 


Taking the journey to embrace your purpose is filled with its own set of challenges which sometimes, you need someone to encourage you. My assignment kicks in here. Look at me as your honorary big sister, who is here to guide you, whose personal experiences will illuminate your path to help you avoid the pitfalls that I have faced. My ultimate goal is to be a resource of inspiration that you can draw from as you learn to persevere through life.


Push Through Boo is a 7-day devotional for those who need encouragement, inspiration, and love! I pray the words that your spirit needs leap off the pages and inspire you to live a life of joy and freedom! 


Pretty, you got what it takes to Push Through Boo! 




Jay L Harris

Push Through Boo: A 7-day devotional for Pretties who need to Persevere

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